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How To Use The Best Home Remedies For Cleaning Suede Shoes

How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home Fast – Suede shoes, boots or ankle boots especially when they are beige or other light colors can pick stains and dirt much easier, also they tend to lose their fluffiness and elegance if not cared for regularly. Whether it’s men’s shoes or women’s shoes, follow our next few simple tips and tricks on How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home Fast

Tips On How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home Fast

1 – Always clean the 2 pair of shoes each and every time

Even if only one shoe or suede boot is dirty or stained, clean the other shoe, to avoid any color changes due to the used cleaning substances in one pair.

2 – Clean the shoes to perfection

Even if only a small area of ​​a suede boot or suede shoe is stained, thoroughly clean both boots or both shoes, just emphasizing the maximum amount of your effort on the stains or dirty areas. Also to avoid any changes in colors of the cleaned spots off the not cleaned ones.

3 – Remove shiny plates on suede using sandpaper and talcum

After stain removal and cleaning shoes, suede shiny plates may appear. To give the buck back its fluffy cool looks, sprinkle it with talc, leave for at least an hour, then remove these plates on boots or suede shoes by rubbing them gently with sandpaper.

4- Only use the Crepe Brush to clean your suede shoes

The usual cleaning of suede shoes is done with a crepe brush.

5- You may as well use an Eraser

A pencil eraser is an excellent innovative tool that can also give great results when cleaning the suede shoes

6 – Steam your suede shoes for easy cleaning

Just put the suede shoes for a few moments over boiling water vapor. Once the suede feels slightly damped of the steam brush them firmly.

7- White vinegar is your new friend

Clean dirty suede shoes with a crepe brush impregnated with a solution of 2/3 warm water, 1/3 white vinegar and a drop of dishwashing detergent.

Rinse with a wrung sponge.

Then put a clean cloth to dry.

8 – Magic eraser sponge

Rub the dirty suede shoes with the slightly damp magic eraser sponge.

9 – Talcum Powder For Oily Stains

Clean greasy-stained suede shoes by sprinkling them with talcum powder and leave them overnight. In the morning, clean the excess powder with your crepe brush! It will look brand new.

10- Ammonia + water + liquid washing detergent

Clean heavily-soiled suede shoes by gently rubbing them with a nail brush moistened with a mixture of equal parts of water, a drop of liquid detergent, and 3 or 4 drops of ammonia, taking precautions is a must when using this remedy: ie by opening the window, not breathing in the vapors diffused by ammonia and by getting rid of the remaining liquid as soon as it is not utilized.

Dry the shoes with a clean cloth, then finish the process by sprinkling with talc. Let talcum act for several hours, then brush gently.

How To Clean Suede Shoes At Home And Get Rid Of Their Stink

Bad smell on your suede, use baking soda

  1. Put your shoes or boots on an old paper.
  2. Sprinkle them from the inside out with baking soda, if possible in a thick layer.
  3. Massage them a bit to seep the baking soda into them.
  4. Leave it for at least 12 hours.
  5. Then brush them gently.

Protecting suede shoes or boots

As soon as you buy your suede shoes, protect them from stains and dirt by spraying TEXGUARD anti-stain waterproofing AlsolLet it dry away from any source of heat.

How To Use The Best Home Remedies For Cleaning Suede Shoes

How To Use The Best Home Remedies For Cleaning Suede Shoes – Whether your jacket, your purse or your boots are suede (nubuck leather), maintenance and stain treatment will be the same. This is good news for lovers of these pretty soft, fluffy and always elegant materials.

In addition, suede and buck can both, unfortunately, get stained easily. They also tend to lose their shine when getting wet or left on the sun.

So, if reflecting or glossy areas are formed on your suede shoes, do not panic. These solutions will help you to restore the stained suede and give it back its elegance.

How To Use The Best Home Remedies For Cleaning Suede Shoes

Of course, these tips do not imply that you’ll don’t have to waterproof your suede items with a good-quality waterproofer spray before wearing them. Thus, it will prevent the most significant damage caused by the water on your suede or nubuck leather shoes.

1) Important to know before cleaning your suede shoes

We strongly recommend you to treat your pair of shoes rather than only when they get stained. Indeed, do not you ever clean the stained area alone as may leave halos or discolorations. In addition, even if these techniques and home remedies to clean suede shoes are somewhat simple, they still are very effective. However, it’s always smart to test them on a small area that is not visible. Ideally, test it on a small corner or on the inside parts.

2) Care instructions on how to clean suede shoes at home remedies

Over time, the nubuck suede loses its softness and velvety side. Fortunately, we can give it a beautiful finish very easily! Your best partners are undoubtedly the talc and the brush. Talc brings softness to your favorite suede shoes in addition to the nice scent. The brush softens the leather while removing mud, dust, and dirt.

To do this, we powder the talc on the entire surface and let it act for at least an hour. If you want, you can leave it overnight before beginning to brush suede or nubuck with a soft-bristled brush or sandpaper in the direction of the fiber.

Moreover, the soft or very delicate sandpaper will be able to eliminate the bright plates appearing after stain removal and cleaning. Here, rub very gently to avoid scratching. Otherwise, put your suedde shoes over some boiling steam. Then once wet, brush it energetically.

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