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How To Clean And Polish Leather Shoes

How To Clean And Polish Leather Shoes – Patent leather is a smooth leather and especially very bright. This beautiful shine is due to a compound finish based on varnish or lacquer that is applied during the very last stages in leather tanning.

How To Clean And Polish Leather Shoes

The patent leather shoes, very fashionable, and are very popular. The problem is that not many people know how to maintain and clean them. Solutions for the maintenance of polished leather shoes with suitable cleaners, knowing that a poorly maintained patent leather may crack and get ruined fast.

Clean and Maintain Varnished Leather

Patent leather must be wiped whenever you see any stains or dust that reduce its shininess. In the old days when both guys and gals dressed up classier clothes, it was customary to polish patent leather footwear on a daily or at least weekly basis. Shoeshine stalls were widely spread next to most supermarkets, at bus or railroad stations or anywhere where people usually gather. It’s almost a customary ritual to wake up, read the paper, and get your leather shoes shined before heading to work.

How To Clean And Polish Leather Shoes

From loafers and boots to sneakers and sandals, these are all leather care tips for your shoes to last for years.

If you take a look at your shoe collection, chances are it’s made of several types of leather shoes. From nubuck to suede, these tanned hides and skins are used for their different qualities, each having its own finesse and elegance. Leather is a natural material and to maintain leather shoes, it’s a must to adhere to a strict process.

Do you really know how to care for your leather shoes? Sneakers, heels, boots or ballerinas, each type must receive the appropriate level of care. Leather can last for many years, regardless of its shape or use. By following these simple steps, you could extend the life of your moccasins by several years: clean and in good condition.

  1. First, you must clean the surface with a brush or cloth to remove dust and mud.
  2. If the leather of the shoes is wet, it should not be polished until it dries.
  3. Use a good-quality polishing material, use a sponge and rub it on your shoes, with a quick circular movement applying only a thin layer of the varnish.
  4. When using the sponge with varnish on your leather shoes, beware if the sponge begins to stick to the shoe, if so immediately remove the sponge from the shoes. This means that the varnish has wilted.
  5. If the spots you have polished started to dry well and you feel like it still needs more shine to it, add another thin layer of the products to the sponge and repeat the process.
  6. Close the polishing lid tightly after use. put the sponge in a plastic bag or any type of sealed container so it won’t become harder because of the drought and thus be unusable.
  7. If your shoes need another layer of the varnish, you’ll have to wit until it dries off completely before applying any more polish.
  8. If feasible, clean your shoes in the night so the varnish has enough time to penetrate the leather then to fully dry.
  9. Always rub your shoes clean, and keep them stretched from the inside using shoe pieces.

Additional Tips On How To Clean And Polish Super-Dirty Leather Shoes

  • Clean your leather shoes regularly

The first step in maintaining your leather shoe, which keeps the leather in good condition, is cleaning the leather: always keep the leathers clean. Indeed, the care of leather shoes goes through daily cleaning, even weekly if you don’t wear them that often.

  • What material to use for cleaning and maintaining leather shoes?

For the cleaning phase and if the leather has a finish, first use a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the surface of the shoe. Avoid using a sponge, as many of them contain chemicals that can seep into and damage the leather.

If the leather is not finished, use saddle soap. Gently create a foam and carefully rub your shoes, making sure to wipe off any excess. Let it dry naturally because the saddle soap contains a wax that will help protect the unfinished leather.

  • How to clean stains on leather shoes?

If your shoes are stained with water or salt, take a two-thirds mixture of water and a third of white vinegar, and apply to the affected areas, wiping until the spots disappear.

Suede is a difficult leather material to work with, but its elegant style is worth it. To clean a pair of suede shoes, dry them thoroughly and use a suede brush to remove dirt. Rigid metal bristles work for tougher stains, and their rubber or plastic end works for scuffs and stains.

Grease stains can sometimes be the death knell of a pair of suede shoes – so try to avoid wearing your shoes anywhere where they can be stained with oil. However, if the worst happens, mop with a paper towel, pour a little baking powder or talcum on the stain and brush lightly then leave it to the next morning.

  • Weekly maintenance for your leather shoes

Leather needs to be protected and polished and to stay out of the weather dryness or moisture from the surrounding air.

1- Polish, wax, and condition

To maintain the leather properly, it is necessary to polish his leather shoes with a polish containing wax. This step enriches the color of your leather and gives it a perfect shine. Put some elbow grease on it and work the polish in all the crevices of your shoes.

Then apply a conditioner or leather protector, which may take the form of resin or spray. Apply generously, but do not stray too far from the manufacturer’s instructions.

2- For regular use of your leather shoes

To maintain your leather shoe during regular use, you should also use a leather conditioner at least once a month, and even more often in case of bad weather, to make sure your shoes stay bright. Many of these protectors – especially sprays – can also be used on suede shoes.

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