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How To Clean Leather Sneakers At Home Both Black And White Kicks

Leather Sneakers At Home Both Black And White Kicks, Maintenance tips:

Either white or black leather sneakers are a classic. They are as good for sports as for fashion shows in town. But, over time, the material wears out, gets dirty and the color loses its luster. Discover some tips to clean your white sneakers and maintain them in better condition.

How To Clean Leather Sneakers At Home Both Black And White Kicks

Whether your white or black sneakers are new or vintage, care must be taken to keep the glowing color as long as possible. Before revealing some tips for cleaning your white and black leather shoes, it is important to note that cleaning is not camouflaging. This is the reason why liquid corrector or white varnish is not among our tips.

How To Clean Leather Sneakers Both Black And White Kicks every day?

Start by waterproofing the outside of your sneakers before wearing them for the first time after purchase. The product will protect the leather from the rain and also prevent the specks of dirt from sticking to your kicks. Repeat the process regularly so that the product continues to act over time.

How to clean white leather sneakers at home

If your white pair of sneakers has already paced and has a grayish complexion, then nothing very complicated to give it back a little liveliness.

  • Soak a sponge with cold soapy water and gently rub the leather (with the foam side of the sponge obviously).
  • Clean the rubber sole by scraping it with a little toothpaste on an old toothbrush. It will also restore whiteness to your white leather shoes
  • Wash the laces in the machine. If you can not get them back to their shininess, then soak them overnight in bleach.
  • Let your sneakers dry in the open air and especially away from a heat source. A hairdryer, a radiator, a dryer, and any other means of drying as the result might be damaging the shoes. The side effect will be the same if you soak your white sneakers too long in the water.

How to clean white leather Adidas sneakers

A cloth, a soft sponge, a brush, but also cotton swabs, a toothbrush, and even an eraser will be useful for cleaning some of the dirt off your white sneakers. Side products, equip yourself with warm water, Marseille soap, white vinegar, alcohol 90 °, and finally solvent.

How to clean leather sneakers white

  • Clean dirt spots: a sponge, water, and some Marseille soap or white vinegar will remove the brown marks on your shoes. To dry the leather, wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Clean traces of grass: a brush slightly moistened with 90 ° alcohol (or modified alcohol) will remove green stains. Be careful not to use a hard bristle brush that threatens to scratch your shoes.
  • Clean black marks: For stubborn stains, rub with a cotton swab soaked in solvent.
  • Clean other stains: for small, stubborn stains that have not had time to get too wet, scrubbing with white alcohol can also be very effective.

How To Clean Leather Sneakers Both Black And White Kicks

How to clean leather shoes or boots knowing that leather can be ruined by moisture and dryness. To overcome this problem, you may keep your leather shoes polished at all times. But this is not enough. Leather care is not that easy!

Uncleaned white or black leather will be damaged quickly and will take less time to be completely despoiled. Follow our recommendations for the care and cleaning of white and black leather shoes.

How To Clean Leather Sneakers

Tips for cleaning and maintaining leather shoes – 8 recommendations for cleaning leather shoes

– 1- Waterproofing your shoes

Before putting on your new pair of shoes, protect them.

– 2 – Clean leather shoes before waxing

Always clean your shoes before waxing without forgetting the sole and heel.

– 3 – Clean the shoes before putting them away

Do not store wet or dirty shoes, clean them before

– 4- Air your leather sneakers before putting them away

Do not store your shoes immediately after leaving them, let them air first and make sure they are not wet or moist.

– 5 – Don’t wear the same leather shoes every day

Avoid putting on your shoes the next day. The lining and the inside of the shoe must have time to breathe and dry

– 6 – Do not let your shoes become deformed

Stuff them with paper or use a shoe tree before storing them. However, the paper has the added benefit of absorbing moisture from the feet

How to keep white leather sneakers clean at all times

– 7 – Do not confuse leather shoes with suede shoes

Suede shoes and polished shoes deserve a different transcript.

– 8- Check if your shoes are actually genuine leather.

This point is very important because if your shoes are not actually leather, but in only covered in leather, treating them like leather, you risk deteriorating them.


Leatherette shoes?

Do not use polish on faux leather shoes.

Never spray waterproof or stain resistant on faux leather shoes or boots.

7 additional tips on how to clean leather sneakers at home

1 – talc cleaning

Sprinkle the talc powder onto shoes, inside and outside, gently rub the leather with a cloth, then let the talcum act overnight, and dust the excess powder in the morning.

2 – Cleaning leather shoes with milk

Clean your leather shoes with a cotton ball soaked in cleansing milk. Change the cotton as soon as it gets dirty

3 – Cleaning leather shoes with vinegar

Clean heavily-soiled shoes by wiping them with a wet (but not soggy) sponge with soapy water and a little white vinegar all over the shoe, heels, and sole included.

4 – Clean and renovate the leather with the wax balm

The colorless polish balm with organic ingredients, presented in a 75ml jar is ideal to maintain, wax, shine and renovate the leather. Wax balm is also available in black and brown colors for your convenience.

5 – Cleaning paste

Spread on the shoes a paste made up of two-thirds of the essence of turpentine for a third of soft beeswax.

Let this paste act on the leather, then first put a soft brush and then a soft cloth or cotton to shine the shoes.

6 – Water and glycerine soap

Rub on the leather, but without much stress, with circular movements, a sponge soaked in water (and well wrung out) with glycerine soap. Then gently glaze the shoes always with circular motions.

7 – Products for cleaning a saddle

Saddle cleaning products can be used to clean the very dirty leather of shoes.

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