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How To Clean Running Shoes Without Ruining Them

How To Clean Running Shoes Without Ruining Them – When you love your car, you pay attention to the bodywork and you take it every Sunday morning to the fancy car wash session. Well for your running shoes, it’s the same! They deserve a little more attention after your outings. Discover how to pamper them: you’ll see, they’ll make you feel good once wearing them clean and neat!

How To Clean Running Shoes Without Ruining Them

Do you like your trail running shoes? And yet, it is abused with bad weather! With mud, the gorgeous electric blue color for instance that dominates your shoe looks more like a faded black after every outing? Yes, with bad weather, your shoes are struck by the external elements and although now, new fabrics retain less and less moisture and accelerate the drying time, it is important to offer a youth cure to your acolytes. Here are some tips for cleaning your running shoes.

How To Clean Running Shoes Without Ruining Them

1. Cleaning by hand

  • To clean your running shoes, you can start by “slamming” the soles between each other in order to take off the chippings and mud that have dried.
  • Then we advise you to wash them by hand. A little tedious and dull process but very effective for your shoes. Indeed, washing machines, including the latest generations with 20 more complicated or more complicated programs than others, are to be avoided because they brutalize your favorite shoes.
  • The latest models of running shoes are often ultra-technical and very delicate: it would be a pity to make them undergo a detachment of the sole or a Mesh tear because of a few turns in a drum …
  • So favor the good old method: a small brush soft bristles, mild soap like Marseille soap, a little warm water, and a good helping hand!
  • You can even recycle your old toothbrush for the little incongruous and inaccessible spaces with the biggest brush.
  • Remember to remove the insole and wash it separately.

2. Let them breathe for a while

Here are your shoes are impeccable. There you only have to wait to be able to wear them again; count about 12 hours so you can put them on again. Let them dry at room temperature, thinking to open the air conditioner or a fan so that air circulates properly and drying is faster.

Banish any heat source such as the radiator, chimney, dryer or hairdryer (and yes ladies, it only serves the head and not the feet) as this could deform the shoe.

3. A simple trick to dry them faster

Instead of stuffing your shoes with newspaper, invest in a small revolution: Stuffits natural dryers. These strange foot-shaped pouches contain a 100% natural refill made of cedar chips, a material known for its absorption qualities.

As a result, your shoes dry 8 times faster and your insoles are protected against deterioration, odors and recurring problems (fungi, fungal infections).


4. Give them some time out

The secret of longevity also lies in the use of 2+ pairs of shoes. Indeed, switching the use of two or more pairs not only allows you to use one pair while the other dries but also to extend the life of your shoes by allowing the cushioning to reform after each use. Also, remember to change your running shoes regularly.

5. A little restoration

Above all, do not use waterproofing NOT FOR YOUR RUNNING SHOES! This may alter the breathability of Mesh, which helps to facilitate the rapid discharge of moisture.

We advise you to use gaiters, specially designed to protect your feet from the external elements yet also your shoes of the recalcitrant dirt and small skirmishes related to thorns or branches. And if you really want to give them a touch of novelty, you can replace the laces: dare the color, you’ll see it will change the daily grind ?

Have a good race and see you soon on CleanStinkyShoes.com for new shoes care tips!

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