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How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes

How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes – With the return of any beautiful weathers, you and your little ones will not miss an opportunity to enjoy out in the sun… and at the end of the day you’ll probably be messy and you’ll all be covered with grass stains, head to toe! Here are some tips to get rid of these stubborn smudges that are difficult to remove even washing them in the machine… So keep on reading.

How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes

The unbeatable way to remove a grass stain from anything

  • Alcohol or white vinegar tend to work every time in removing almost any grass stain whether on a t-shirt or pants or on the bottom of shoes.

How to proceed? As a precaution, you can dilute some of the alcohol or white vinegar with water. Soak product with a white towel or cloth.

Never apply the product directly to the stain! Just dab the grass stain gently to avoid damaging the sole, be careful not to overuse the product at the spot.

Then if the stain persists, you can simply apply some of the concentrated alcohol or vinger solutions to an old toothbrush and begin rubbing the bottom of your shoe thoroughly. After you finish wipe the worked-on parts with a damped cloth and leave it to air dry.

  • Another effective way to clean your grass stains is to lather those stubborn smudges with Marseille soap and hand wash them using a soft piece of cloth without drenching the entire pair of shoes. Only apply to the spots and then wipe with a slightly damped cloth as well.

How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes Using Grandma’s Method

If you do not have alcohol nor white vinegar, do you know that toothpaste can even be more effective in removing those nasty grass stains! Spread some toothpaste with your fingers on the areas and leave it to act for a couple of minutes (do not wait until it dries), then use an old toothbrush to rub those stains and wipe off any excess toothpaste on the bottom of your shoes and you’re good to go.

How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes – For Those Dried, More Stubborn Smirch

Removing a stain of grass after it has dried out and left unerasable marks can be a puzzle … Indeed, almost none of the previous solutions may be able to remove such a stain. Fortunately, ammonia provides a reliable solution for getting rid of grass stains even on the most delicate materials. It’s even safe to use it to remove any grass stains from satin, silk, velvet, wool, or fur.

But be careful to measure it: whatever the size of the spot, dilute the ammonia with water (at the rate of half and a half). After rubbing the diluted ammonia solution on the stain remove it with a damp cloth.

How To Get Grass Stains Off Bottom Of Shoes Using Some Ecologically Friendly Solution

Just as effective, lemon juice can be used on a piece of cotton to remove a stain of grass. Simply squeeze a lemon over the stain to soak the sole before cleaning and rubbing actions are applied. Lemon salts can also be as effective.

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