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How To Get Water Stains Out Of Leather Shoes

Seawater, rain, snow or just the water around the house can leave a halo on your leather clothes, your shoes or sofas. Here are all the tips to know on How To Get Water Stains Out Of Leather Shoes

How To Get Water Stains Out Of Leather Shoes

  • Marseille soap …

Moisten a piece of Marseille soap, then very lightly rub it on the water stain until it forms a lather of soap. Leave it for thirty minutes and then wipe the leather with dry soft tissues.

… or white vinegar on the fabric

Another tip to clean a stain of water on fabric shoes: rub the area to be treated with a cloth soaked in vinegar water solution (1/3 vinegar for 2/3 water). Leave the solution to act for a few minutes then rinse and put your fabric shoes in the washing machine at 30 degrees only without spinning.

  • Can you get water stains out of leather purse using vinegar or milk

To clean a stain of water on suede leather shoes, boots, bags or seats, use a clean cloth soaked in vinegar water (1/4 white vinegar for ¾ of water). Rub the stain and let it dry. Once dry, coat the leather with Vaseline. Leave for thirty minutes and then wipe thoroughly.

How to get water stains out of leather

For other thin-layered leather stuff, the secret is: rub the water stain with a rag soaked in milk and a few drops of lemon juice. Let dry, away from radiators or any other direct source of heat. Finish cleaning your leather shoes with your usual maintenance product.

White vinegar on the suede leather shoes

Start by rubbing your shoes or suede purse with a cloth slightly soaked in diluted white vinegar. Take care not to extend these rubbing actions beyond the halo of the water stain. Wipe the surface with a slightly damp sponge.

Once the suede is dry, sprinkle it with talcum powder and remove the product with a brush. Voila! The water stain is gone! The buck will have recovered all its color and fluffy appearance.

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