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How to Treat Smelly Shoes For Good

How to Treat Smelly Shoes – Shoe odor is a terrible thing for anyone to have to deal with.

When you wear your shoes for long periods of time, sweat from your feet stays in your shoes, which provides perfect conditions for bacteria to grow.  This bacterium is what causes shoe odor.  It can also result in health problems such as athletes foot and toenail fungus.

How to Treat Smelly Shoes

Shoe odor will make your feet smelly, even after you have taken your shoes off.  Many of us have been in a situation where we have had guests in our home and been assaulted with the stench of their smelly feet when they take their shoes off.  It is embarrassing and can be difficult to not anything, especially when you know that the shoes will make your entire home smell like stinky feet.

Many people have also suffered the extreme embarrassment of taking off their shoes and realizing they have stinky feet.  It is awful to see the look of a friend’s face when they wrinkle their nose and try to pretend they don’t notice your terribly smelly feet.

Smelly shoes do more damage than just making your feet smelly.  If you store your stinky shoes in a closet with coats or clothes, those clothes will also become smelly.  You will have to have all of your clothing professionally cleaned to remove the bad smells.  You will also have to have your closet professionally deodorized.

Stinky shoes can also make your entire home smell bad.  When this happens, there is no easy way to get rid of the smells.  This can be an especially bad problem for families with children who participate in sports and who love to run and play.

Many people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year buying new shoes because they have thrown away their stinky ones.  Sadly, they do not realize that this is not necessary.

 How To Treat Stinky Shoes

There is a simple and effective way to end the embarrassment of stinky shoes, it is called the Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization.

The Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization is a single, registered, portable shoe sanitizer.  It uses a germicidal ultraviolet light to sanitize the inside of your shoes by killing 99.9% of the microbes that cause smelly shoes.

Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to sterilize medical equipment and to purify water.  It is a safe, effective and simple way to rid yourself of stinky shoes forever.

The Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization also comes with the basket, which contains an agent that removes moisture.  The combination of the Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization will leave even the smelliest shoes dry and odor-free.

The Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization is very easy to use.   Simply place the Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization basket in the shoe and then put the Xenelight in with is.  Turn on the Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization and it will automatically turn off after five minutes when it has finished working.   Your shoes will then be dry and fresh smelling and will cause you embarrassment no longer.

The Bqhy Shoe Drying Deodorization can be stored inside your shoes until you are ready to wear them.

With such a safe, simple, effective way to treat smelly shoes available, no one ever needs to suffer from stinky shoes or smelly feet again!

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