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How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine

How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine – To wash your linens as well as your sneakers, you have to choose two methods, either to wash by hand or to use a washing machine. In the latter case, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions: how to do it? How to successfully wash your shoes in a machine so they do not lose their luster?

How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine

Indeed, although they are worn on the feet, they also deserve good maintenance. In addition, you should not take light maintenance of your shoes, otherwise, you will damage them or even damage your washing machine. In addition, to succeed in washing your sneakers in the machine, you must clearly distinguish the product to use for sneakers in color and for white sneakers.

How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine

How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine without breaking it

When using a washing machine to clean your shoes, you must be very picky otherwise you will break your machine and ruin our shoes. Indeed, you must take care to carefully consider how you put your shoes in the device, the products to use and the washing time and how you will dry it later after.

In addition, improper cleaning can destroy your machine, especially the drum or make your shoes in bad shape. In the first place, you must remember that by putting only your pair of sneakers in the drum, you risk breaking it. Because your shoes are heavy and shock caused when spinning may weaken or damage the machine drum.

Also, to avoid this damage, when you go to wash your sneakers in the machine, you must at least put towels with them or even tie them tightly in a big sheet or pillowcases to avoid traumatizing the drum when spinning.

How To Wash Your Sneakers/Tennis Shoes In The Washer Machine

The sneakers are very practical and offer perfect comfort as shoes. There are many people who like to wear them frequently but when they are dirty, they will be obscure about putting them on in such shameful condition. It is necessary to wash them. Be aware, however, that some shoes are suitable for machine washing others are not.

For canvas sneakers, this device is ideal. For shoes in satin or silk, as well as other delicate materials, the use of the washing machine might be okay but it needs a lot of caution.

However, remember that it is not advisable to wash the leather and suede shoes in the machine. Their materials are special and they require specifically adapted products.

To successfully clean your sneakers in the machine, you only need to proceed with a few steps.

You must first remove your insoles and laces, and clean the soles to remove soil or mud.

You must then place everything in a laundry net or tuck them in an old pillow casing and put it in the machine.

Be sure to wash at medium temperatures.

Once the washing is done, all you have to do is dry your sneakers in the open air, taking care to stuff them with papers or you may use Stuffits.

What To Do Before You Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine

Often, it is not possible to put your shoes directly in the washing machine. Indeed, there are some small steps to be done in advance to be sure to not harm your machine or your pair of sneakers:

  • First, check the label to be sure that it is possible to wash your shoes in the machine.
  • Then remove the laces and any insoles.
  • Finally, perform a quick first brush cleaning to remove mud, pebbles, or other residues that may clog your drain pipes later.

Tips On How To Wash Your Shoes In The Washer Machine

Washing your shoes in the machine can be a very helpful and ultraefficient solution to give them a good freshness. But beware, some checks and arrangements are essential to not miss.

  • Sort out your shoes

The machine can be effective, but it will not be suitable for all materials. It is important to know how to make the right sort, as one would do with the clothes and arranging them in different laundry baskets. But rest assured, it’s very simple!

In general, any material that is “natural”, such as suede, leather or nubuck, can NOT be washed in the washing machine whatsoever. It is also better to avoid anything that is silk and satin as well because they are very delicate substances.

On the other hand, as for running shoes, sneakers or canvas shoes can be washed in the machine, and there should not be any problem considering the tips we are walking you through here!

  • Temperature Adjustments When Washing Your Shoes In The Washing Machine

We must not forget that shoes are not made of only fabric. Some parts could be damaged because of incorrect settings on the machine. This could be the case with too hot water for instance.

Therefore, do not choose a temperature higher than 30 ° C and select a program for delicate textiles.

  • Spinning or natural drying?

There are devices with specific spin programs for shoes. However, if yours does not have one, it is NOT recommended to use the spin when washing your shoes in the machine. This will save you from unfortunate surprises!

But to get the fastest drying possible, use a cloth to mop up the water as much as possible. Then let your shoes dry naturally in a corner, preferably outdoors, away from the sun or any direct heat source. And be patient, it can sometimes take several days!

To speed up the process, the trick is to place a newspaper inside the shoes to absorb moisture.

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