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Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer

Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer – You just want to throw your muddy and stained tennis shoes into the washer to get them cleaned up fast and easily! It’s actually pretty tempting, isn’t it … But what are the potential damage that can be caused to both the shoes and the machine?

Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer

Because of the weight and the repeated movement of the shoes that hit and bounce in the drum, we are told, that it can in the long run seriously break or even permanently damage either the washer and the dryer. So if you really want to Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer, what precautions should you regard?

So, Can We Safely Wash Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer?

For canvas shoes, yes, the leather ones absolutely Not!

First, it is not advisable to Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer. However, the canvas shoes have more chances to survive the process and to be cleaned thoroughly, yet leather tennis shoes will most likely get totally ruined.

Instructions And Precautions For Washing Tennis Shoes In Washer And Dryer

  1. Place the sneakers in a thick towel to cushion their banging into the washer’s drum.
  2. Remove the laces and clean them separately with lemon or sodium percarbonate (if they are white shoes). Then place them in a washing net before putting them in the washer.
  3. If your canvas shoes are soiled with mud, do not hesitate to clean them by hand at first to remove as much dirt as possible. Your washing water will get dirty more quickly in the machine and they won’t get cleaned properly.
  4. Start a cycle only at 30 degrees max on the wool program. Hot water is can sometimes cause the sole of your tennis shoes to actually come off or get loose.
  5. Cancel or at least depress the spin. You will avoid any risk of washer’s drum tumbling.

Tips for drying

  1. Avoid drying them in a tumble dryer unless your appliance has a basket and a specific program for that specific purpose.
  2. The best advice is to dry them at room temperature, in a warm, dry and ventilated place and away from the heat and direct sunlight to prevent them from hardening. Be patient, the drying can last for several days at cold or humid weathers.

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