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How To Keep White Shoes White And Clean Forever

Can this style trend get any bigger? It is simply impossible to avoid how nice white sneakers are and how it fits almost everything! The summer’s big trend is white shoes, and especially sneakers. But wearing white shoes is not always so practical, they get dirty incredibly quickly.

Ever since the bond between the fashion world and , and Nike, celebrities have been seen strolling the streets in sneakers made of white leather and fabric.

But as all the good things come at a heavy cost, you have to protect what you love and the same applies to white shoes, as they attract dirt particles. We have found the best tips – on How To Keep White Shoes White And Clean Forever!


How To Keep White Shoes White And Clean Forever

How do you best clean your white sneakers and make them look new? Keeping your white shoes clean and nice is actually not that hard. Here we list several care tips that all shoe lovers should know! A few simple and basic suggestions for spotless white shoes for shiny and comfy spring and summer happy feet.

1. The most important thing, which many people often forget, is to spray protect your shoes immediately when they are new before first use. This makes the shoes resistant to dirt and moisture much better and facilitates easy cleaning afterward.

2.  A little warm water, a few drops of soap, and polishing with a clean towel or old sock works great. However, be sure to let the shoes dry naturally afterward, without the help of any heat source, to reduce the possibility of the leather cracking.

3. The well-stocked shoe shops so there is a special color, often somewhat of a darker tone than your loved white ones. So you can improve your white sneakers with a new color can to hide away any resistant stains that can’t be removed in any other way and also makes the shoes look like new again.

4. One last tip is to change shoelaces often. Preferably already after a few weeks of use. A nice update for the shoes that only costs a maximum of 4$.

5. Pick up the toothbrush and scrub away the worst stains on the shoes with soap and water. The size of the toothbrush is perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

6. Have you got ugly stains on the white sole of the shoe? Erase them with a regular eraser. It may sound strange but it makes a big difference.

7.  There are a plethora of products for just white shoes. Ask at the store where you buy or bought your shoes.

8. Last but not least – take care of your shoes and prevent dirt, stains, and yellowing by wiping them when you get home. Preferably every day, still also once a week works fine.


The world can be an inhospitable place for your beloved white leather shoes. But calm down, most stains can actually be removed. This is how you get your leather shoes white and fresh again.

Dirty leather shoes! Calm down, it’s the easiest type of white shoes to clean.

1. Wipe them with a cloth and lukewarm water or use a little detergent. If you are lucky, it is enough to get the shoe clean. If you use a cleaning brush, it is important not to rub too hard as it can create tear marks on the leather that do not go away.

2. Replace the shoelaces more often! New white laces give a clean effect on the entire shoe.

3. Brush the sole with a brush and use either Jason Markk’s shoe cleaner or a simple mix of water and detergent. Jason Markk’s products are biodegradable and smell sweet and good – like a fresh daisy.

4. If the sole has a tough-to-remove stain, a little nail polish remover can be the savior in need!

How To Keep White Canvas Shoes White And Clean

White canvas shoes can feel totally impossible to keep white. If the accident has occurred, a good cleaning agent is your friend.

1.  If you have stains on the fabric, detergent, and water will work perfectly. Take a brush or a toothbrush and soak with detergent and rub lightly on the stain. Wipe off the foam that forms and then allow it to dry away from any direct heat source to avoid yellowing.

2. While the shoes are drying, you can take the chance to put the shoelaces in a laundry bag and machine wash them so you do not have to buy new ones.

3. Impregnate! Always impregnate a pair of canvas shoes when you buy them. This allows you to avoid unnecessary stains. Do it otherwise when the shoes are freshly washed.

How To Keep White Running Shoes White And Clean

It’s not just the running around that can soil your shoes. People who are careless on the bus, puddles of water, and playful children are just as great threats to your fresh shoes.

1. Start by removing the shoelaces to make the shoes easier to clean.

2.  Use soap and water. Take a brush or a toothbrush and soak with detergent and rub on the stain. Wipe off the foam that occurs and then allow it to dry. Remember not to use a brush that is too hard because the fabric on running shoes is usually thinner and more sensitive than on canvas shoes.

3. Running shoes usually have soles made of plastic material – to clean the soles, a little lukewarm water and a cloth are often enough.

The washing machine! If you are not very afraid of your running shoes, you can take the lazy path. Put them in a laundry bag and run on a cold program in the washing machine. If the sole is colored, it can stain the rest of the shoe – so watch out.

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